“True lovers may never know what love means. A man may love a woman out of his reach. She does not know he loves her, and he will never speak of it.”
― Rosalind MilesIsolde, Queen of the Western Isle

The story of Tristan (Tristram) and Isolde (Yseult) rivals that of Lancelot and
Guinevere as one of the great romantic love stories of the Middle Ages. It tells how
Tristan, orphaned nephew of King Mark of Cornwall, goes to Ireland to be cured of
what would otherwise be a mortal battle wound by the skilled Isolde. Mark falls in
love with Tristan’s reports of Isolde, and sends Tristan back to Ireland to woo her for
him. Isolde accepts. On the return journey from Ireland to Cornwall, Tristan and
Isolde inadvertently drink a love philtre intended for Mark and Isolde. The rest of the
story concerns Tristan and Isolde’s resulting love and the conflict between this love
and the allegiance which both lovers owe to King Mark; Mark’s alternate suspicion of
the lovers and the stilling of that suspicion; Tristan and Isolde’s exile; and Tristan’s
unconsummated marriage to another Isolde, Isolde of the White Hands, for her
name’s sake.
Ultimately, Tristan is again wounded by a poisonous weapon. Only the Irish Isolde
can heal him. He sends for her, arranging as a sign that the sail of the ship sent for her
should be white if she agrees to come to him, and black otherwise. Isolde comes and
a white sail heralds her arrival, but Isolde of the White Hands, motivated by jealousy,
tells Tristan that the sail is black. He dies of despair. Isolde arrives and kills herself.



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